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Vancouver Telephone Entry Systems, Security Gates and Gate Automation

You just purchased a gate, there are two important questions you should ask yourself. Is this gate safe? How does anyone get access to the property?

Gate openers require multiple security and safety devices to prevent injury to people and damage to personal property. Like your garage doors these gates can do considerable damage to a person or vehicle. Most gate openers have an inherent safety device built into it. This security device detects a change in force required to move the gate. Photo cells are the most common safety device we use at Avant Guard due to their ability to detect any kind of obstruction. They use an infrared beam that when interrupted the gate will not close. Magnetic loops are also popular. Loops detect metal in the area and do not let the gate close. Avant Guard Gates distribute preformed loops from BD Loops and Reno A & E. The manufacturers of loop detectors that we distribute are Reno A&E and EMX Industries.

Access controls are an integral part of an automatic gate. Typical access control devices are remote controls, card readers, exit loops, exit probes, intercoms, and telephone entry systems. We have remote controls from Linear, Chamberlain, and Liftmaster. The telephone entry systems and intercoms that we distribute are Aiphone, Chamberlain and Linear. The Linear RE-2 is a very good residential entry product as well as the AK11 is the best keypad in the market. Linear also has a strong multi unit product line, the AE-100 and AE-500. Cameras and perimeter security are also products that we install.

Our sales staff will help you choose the correct combination of products to suit your installation.