Vancouver Cantilever Gates, Cantilever Gate Systems and Gate Rollers

Avant Guard Gates specializes in cantilever gate systems and rollers. There have been tremendous advancements in this industry with improvements in the quality and variety of gates that we can build. We import cantilever gate hardware from Fratelli Comunello and Hi Motions, both of these systems are made in Italy.

These cantilever gate systems are an engineered product that has been designed to meet our varied needs. With this system we have built and installed single leaf gates in openings as large as 65 feet. This system also allows for small counter balances, in the range of 20% of the opening size.

The most unique cantilever gate system that we have designed and installed was a tandem gate. With this cantilever gate system we covered a 24 foot opening with 17 feet of room for storage, and it was automated!

We would be happy to design a gate for you! Please contact us for further information.