Fencing Vancouver

Avant Guard Gates produces a wide variety of fencing options from high-security chain link to eloquent residential work.

Chain link is an excellent choice for keeping an area feeling open, or simply keeping people out. These chain link fences can be enhanced for security with razor ribbon or barbed wire. Slatting is another useful option we provide for chain link fences. It provides an increased strength for the fence, and cankeep out prying eyes.
Ornamental Fencing has been a staple of Avant Guard for years. These fences can be made out of stainless steel, steel, or aluminum. Avant Guard’s fabrication shop and creative team can produce the perfect fence to fit your security needs while providing a classy look. This style is great for both commercial and residential.

Avant Guard has built many different styles of handrails over time. These consist of steel guard rails in parks, and stretch to beautiful balcony railings in residential homes.

Splitrail Fencing adds a beautiful country-style look to any property. It is comprised of wooden beams positioned horizontally and a wire mesh(optional )to prevent anything squeezing through. This style is great for keeping your animals in while keeping a feel of a fenceless property.